My Story
My Story

All about us, and why our product is so good

Fifty-three years ago, while I was in the United States Air Force, my shoulders “froze up” and it became painful to raise my arms more than a few inches. After the flight surgeon took x-rays, he explained that the pain was caused by bursitis and arthritis. My problems could be partially explained from injuries that I experienced from playing sports earlier in my youth.

The doctor told me to ignore the pain and exercise my arms daily to maintain my range of motion. The prognosis was not good because the doctor said that it was likely during the next 15 years I would continue to lose my range of motion in my shoulder as the bones fused together. Eventually, my condition would require surgery.

For the next twenty-two years, I lived with the pain as it progressed from my shoulder into my hand. However, I was able to manage the pain and avoid surgery. My doctor told me the pain in my shoulder and hand was typical for my condition and age. He said that there was little he could do for me and recommended aspirin to control the pain.

Find a better solution for my condition.

I remember leaving the Doctor’s office that day determined to find a better solution for my condition. I did not want to live my life with pain and no hope. So I began a quest in search of a natural herbal remedy. I spent the next four years sampling different combinations of over 200 herbs. After much trial and error, I was able to find the “perfect blend”. I found an herbal tea mixture that eliminated my pain and x-rays confirmed the loss of the bone spurs and inflammation from my arthritis. I also regained the full range of motion in my shoulder. That was 28 years ago.

Since then I have shared my story and "this special herbal tea blend" with over 9,000 people. They too have found pain relief from their arthritic condition and they love being able to get back to living their life pain free.